About Us​

Welcome to Origin Download

Origin Download is a site from where you can get the official version of the EA Origin App for Windows or Mac. This site has been dedicated by a fan so you can Download Origin safely with direct links of the official launcher without any third-party interference.

Who Are We​

Origin is a client that was originally created by EA (Electronic Arts). This is a platform from where you can purchase, download and play over 200 games on Windows 10/11 or Mac.

This website has been created for informational and educational purposes and to keep Origin alive until people are using it to finally move over.

We are an unofficial website and are not endorsed or connected with Electronic Arts in any way.

How the site works

Origin Download works by simply providing you with all the information you need to accurately download the correct Origin Launcher App for your PC or Mac.

Once you read through the requirements and have the correct setup file for your platform you can simply install Origin and enjoy gaming!

If you are having any issues with EA Origin such as not downloading or launching along with login account errors you can also read some of our troubleshooting guides to fix those.

Who is this site for?

This site is for anyone who still wants to download and use the original EA Origin and not the new “EA App“. We provide you with direct download links for Windows and macOS along with troubleshooting and how-to guides that are all only for the Origin Client.

Why use Origin-Download.com?

There are more than a few reasons!

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